23 Feb

West Ham United's Keyman midfielder Declan Rice has urged the club to continue to sign Jesse Lingard from Manchester United Football Club to officially join forces in the transfer market this summer. After doing a great job for the Hammers under loan contract, Lingard now moves from the Red Devils to join the Hammers. Temporarily since January last year and killed three goals for the agency in four appearances in the top league. "Jessie is a top football player," Rice told Talk Sport. "I know him. Since playing for England, Lingard has been a really amazing player. ”“ I realized he is a very special footballer thanks to his self-flipping skills. Bringing the ball to tight spaces keeps your teammates away from pressure. "" When you pass the ball to him, you know immediately that he can make something special for the team. Which comes with a special personality Everyone on the team loves Lingard and I am happy to have him at West Ham. I hope we can play together for the next season as well.

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