23 Mar

Thomas Tuchel, manager  UFAX891 of Chelsea's English Premier League team, has confirmed that he has found a suitable position for the 21-year-old German offensive line Kai Havertz.

The 21-year-old star performed an outstanding performance in the latter part Especially the game we beat Everton 2-0, which referred to the team's goals for both children. Also have the opportunity to stand as an offensive in the upper border as well

Thomas Tuchel said, “He's a number 9. I don't think he's a no.9 because he likes to stand tall. I felt that he was very comfortable playing in that position. He can retreat into half of the area. Turn the ball over and take the ball through. "

“He doesn't always want to back down to stand number 10. And for me His strongest point is that he likes to stand tall and swoop into the frame at the end He likes to be in the 6-yard box and look for the ball. Look for the final touch, ”said the Chelsea coach.

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